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Precision mechanic trained as engineering specialists


Because CBH is a traditional workshop firm for engine building, the training as precision mechanic is conducted with conventional machinery. In our opinion, this provides a better understanding of metalworking techniques and forms a sound basis for the later operating of computer-controlled machine tools.


listpoint Intermediate secondary school certificate
listpoint Mathematics: German grade 3 (satisfactory) or better
listpoint High level of motivation, and ability to work under pressure
listpoint Craft skills


listpoint Fundamentals of metalworking
listpoint Basic course in turning and milling
listpoint Basic course in control engineering
listpoint Basic course in CNC technology (computer-controlled machine tools)
listpoint Department-specific training with drilling, honing and grinding machines
listpoint Repairing of engine components

In addition, we allow participation in a MAG welding course. We also offer our apprentices a four-week internship on a ferry ship of » Wyker Dampfschiff Reederei. The aim here is to give the trainees an impression of marine diesel engines in everyday operation. Frequent trips to installation sites and regular visits to trade fairs and specialized companies all contribute to our high standard of training.


Guido Wegner -

Manager Facility and Workshop


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